Viva – Take a Spin

Viva is a social entertainment app that helps people find fun things to do. Using the app users can search events and access information about them in real time.

Viva – Take a Spin

What they wanted

Although offering something genuinely unique and new, the challenge Viva faced was the prospect of entering a crowded market place, educating prospective customers about their offering whilst convincing them to give Viva a spin.

What we did for them

On one hand, Viva is about adventure and discovery, but ultimately it’s an information service wrapped up in a fun package. With that in mind, we dissected the word, and discovered that when treated as individual letters the symbols could be read as directional arrows leading to an ‘i’ for information.

The finished brand identity brought to life the anticipation of a night out amongst the bright lights and excitement of the city, and thus helped achieve the projected membership uptake by some way.

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