Your new direction in property

We had the opportunity to name and brand a new property and real estate company in Melbourne. North is directional, and so is their client base. They are making moves, going places. And up is a great direction to inspire them with.

Your new direction in property

What they wanted

Forming a new company, North came to us with a strong idea of the culture and core values that they work and live by. What they didn’t have was a name or communications material to go to market with. We had to start from scratch, utilising a full-day brand workshop to understand the core of what we needed to achieve and go through the initial ideation stages together.

What we did for them

We grounded the brand in a fashion/lifestyle aesthetic which was reflected in the approach to imagery, and the focus on selling homes rather than houses. Brand imagery was treated with a pink-blue wash to emphasise this and imagery was based around the idea of ‘moments’ which is what homes are all about rather than the bricks and mortar that most marketing in this space focuses on.

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