Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Sydney’s Darling Harbour is one of the most significant cultural institutions we have – it’s not just about boats, but rather it explores Australia’s intrinsic connection to the sea. Whether it’s the relationship our indigenous forebears held with it or our love of the beach today, our unique link to the sea has shaped Australia. The sea is what connects us all.

Maritime Museum

What they wanted

The project’s aim was to help the museum take its place as an important cultural relic by getting people to recognise that the museum offers more than just dusty old boats. The key performance indicator was getting people through the door. Starting with an attendance of roughly 300,000 over 2011–12, the target was an increase of 50,000 each year.

What we did for them

The existing brand had a lot of disjointed elements that didn’t work together – inefficient combinations of typefaces, a dated colour palette and no strong identity to speak of. We introduced an oceanic colour palette, strong, impactful typography and a positioning statement to make the museum relevant to every Australian and visitor alike. By early 2013 visitation had almost doubled. This project was completed at Bloke Australia Pty Ltd with Tony Zafirakos as lead designer.

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