ALI Group

ALI Group is about insuring life and protecting what we hold dear; specifically the family home. Australians are under-insured and when it comes to something as valuable as the places we build our lives in and around, this needs to be addressed.

ALI Group

What they wanted

ALI Group wanted to convey that they provide security to financially vulnerable people. Yes, it is insurance, but no, ALI does not trade in fear. Rather, it trades in the enabling force that this kind of security can provide to the average person.

What we did for them

We felt that we could create a more memorable and compelling brand story if we focused on the human element rather than the fear-mongering most insurers engage in. Human connection will always resonate deeper than talk of assets and belongings.

We helped ALI Group launch the consumer side of their business and rebrand existing communications into a cohesive, forward-thinking strategy that cements ALI Group’s place as the experts in insuring the home, and insuring what’s important in life.

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